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3sixteen films is a Bengaluru based film production house that I started in late 2011 for the simple reason that I didn't want to move out of the city.
Bangalore is India's most cosmopolitan city that allows you to blend-in no matter where you're from. And it moves at a healthy yet subdued pace that allows anyone with an artistic bent of mind to pause, reflect and consider, before you act. 

It is a potpourri of culture and an oasis of 
undiscovered talent.

Over the past decade we've honed our skills
 by producing ad films for brands and corporate clients across the country.

Today we're also producing podcasts, trying to launch web-series' and creating avenues to get into the local film industry.
With the help of technology, social media and the abundance of untapped potential in the city, we're hoping to evolve into a trusted name and recognised player in the Indian film and entertainment industry.

Sendil Kumar

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